Spring Hill certified organic dairy and or partnering producers are on pasture year-around. Our hardy Jersey cows are smaller and their lower milk volumes are higher in protein and butterfat than their Holstein cousins.

Their grazing is managed, rotated for longer growing seasons. During the winter months, they are supplemented with farm-grown silage: a mixture of red & white oats, bell beans, rye grass and fava beans.  

On our organic farm we employ sustainable practices and the kind respectful treatment of animals. We don't give our cows any GMO feeds, antibiotics, or bovine growth hormones. 

Milking the cows

Our cows enjoy the temperate climes that have made the Northern California milkshed the home for premium quality producing dairies for more than a century.  

They are brought into the milking parlor twice daily. Multiple cows can be milked at a time in our barn. The milking machines have suction that gently pulses on each teat drawing milk into our clean storage tanks where it will be loaded into trucks and driven to our Petaluma Creamery to be processed. 

Like wine, cheese has a "terroir," meaning a distinctive smell, taste, and texture that is derived from the weather, soil, and environment where it was grown, or in our case, raised.

It is from this all natural, quality of life that we bring you simple farmhouse style products that are healthy for your family, the animals and our planet.