While there have been some changes in the process of making cheese over the years, Larry Peter and the Petaluma Creamery cheese makers use the same simple steps used a hundred years ago to make healthy delicious cheese. 

Clean, fresh milk 

The milk for our cheese and butter is trucked in from the farms and tested before it's off loaded into the silos to make sure it's clean, free from trace antibiotics or hormones.

moving the milk

Next the milk is pumped into silos, pasteurized and then into tanks where cultures are added and the vegetable rennet begins to coagulate the milk into curds. 

cutting & cooking the curds

Our expert cheesemakers know when the time is right to "cut the curds." At this stage the milk has become cheese curds and whey. 

Curds & whey

Next we drain the whey. We use the whey to make whey powder concentrate that we sell to our wholesale customers for use in many, many food products. From the vat we cut and package fresh cheese curds or we continue to process them, add herbs, salt and age - voila! Cheese!