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What our customers think...
"I just wanted to tell you I've been buying your butter for over a year now. I gave some to a friend to use in her baking and she concurs with me: pie crust didn't know what pie crust was till it met Petaluma Creamery butter. It is spectacular! Keep up the great work! There is no butter like your butter!"   -Lynne
"Hi there, I have been buying your cheese curds from Bill at the Camarillo Farmer's Market for about 4 months now. I started with the plain and got hooked on the garli, which sell out very fast, so I know I have to get there early. But I am totally addicted to the Firehouse Cheese Curds. I love 'em so much that if I miss getting to the Camarillo Farmer's Market on Saturday, I will drive to Ojai on Sunday. I'm a cheesehead native from Wisconsin, but your cheese is AWESOME. Thank you!" - JaneAnn
"Hi Folks, I tried your cheddar from Oliver's market the other day. It's very good. I was looking for a good cheddar for my pizzas. Reasonably priced too! I'm going to become a regular customer."  -Garrett
"Hello...I was just introduced to lemon quark and let me tell you....I have met the love of my life. This is just plain yummy....and just think....I am not a cheese eater by any means. Thanks for this treat!" -Kim
"i bought your organic white cheddar and unsalted butter at the san diego saturday farmers market. so yummy! my partner is british, and somewhat of a cheese snob. he LOVES this cheese. i hope to see you this month at the san diego farmers market! thanks for the great products!"  -Jack
"bought your Dry Jack at Poway Farmers Market. Wow it was great! Check out Heather Paxson's book 'The Life of Cheese'. You'll enjoy it." -Mary 
“I just bought some of your garlic quark at a local farmers market... and WOW!!!!!!!! I tried it as a creamy dip with some bread I bought at the same place and it is absolutely, positively the best garlic dip of any kind I have ever had! It is absolutely delicious!!  I'm about to find out where Petaluma is, if I can't get that quark in a store near by. Thank you!”     -Colin S.
It’s all about that Sage Cheddahhh!!
Love me some vanilla quark too!
Hit em up at the Hillcrest market onna Sunday, try some samples...
I stay with the cows milk items,
but they’ve got a lotta goat milk cheeses as well.
No Parmesan though,
but try that Old World Portuguese
for the Parma substitute.
Some good raw cheeses too!
See ya Sunday Spring Hill!
grrrreat cheeeeeeeeese!!!”
Have a great Day, Reem

“Bought at the Mill Valley farmer's market. Thanks for being here.”     -Jason


“Hello, I had the pleasure of sampling your cheese at a recent Farmer's Market at the corner of Sunrise Blvd. and Folsom Blvd. Yummy!”                                           -Allison C.

"grrrreat cheeeeeeeeese!!!

-Steven T. 

Thank you Larry and Diane for the great lunch, tour of the creamery and for all the cheese. The cheese is even better after seeing how much work goes into the making.   We had the pumpkin quark on our pancakes for breakfast today. It was very good and a very Fall tasting. We found the vanilla quark is really good on nut bread. We haven't even tried all the cheeses yet but know we will like them all. 

Thank you again,  Otto and Donna


I just by happen chance to pick up some of your cheese at G&G market the other day and was very pleased with its texture and flavor. I believe it was Colby, I purchased this twice and then tried your Cheese with vegetables. Both were just great and I have told my friends about it. Thanks for the wonderful products which I plan to purchase more of.

Thanks, Dennis

Thank you so much... You have the best cheese, can't wait for the raw milk cheese!

Hi, I just purchased your 'fresh curds' at Wholefoods Market in Monterey and I absolutely love it! Thank you for using organic milk because that's the only kind I'll buy.

Your new loyal customer, Melinda M. 

Good Afternoon!

What joy when finally this paycheck I could get some decent food! Your Garlic Curds are amazing, and pure happiness can be found with a container of Lemon Quark and & basket of Strawberries (Spring Hill taught me that at a farmers market!). Thank you for making a great tasting product that I can feel no remorse when consuming.                             Amanda S.

hi, i love your butter. and your cheese. and kandi, your super sales girl. thanks for making my tummy happy.         kari :)