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Petaluma Creamery Products: 

Petaluma Creamery products are from the milk contributions of local dairies in Sonoma County.  Petaluma Creamery is a full line of sustainable cheeses from the historic creamery at the heart of the world famous Sonoma County milk shed.  

The Petaluma Creamery was purchased by owner Larry Peter to provide a facility for local dairies to process their milk into value added products, helping to preserve West County's open space and important agricultural traditions.  This conventional line of cheeses include:

White Cheddar

Yellow Cheddar

Monterey Jack

Colby Jack

Mike's Pepper Jack

Veggie Jack



Cheeses are available in 1lb, 2lb, 5lb, and 40lb* blocks.

* Please note that larger sizes are only available to WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS.


Shredded Cheeses:

50/50 Monterey Jack/Yellow Cheddar Blend

Yellow Cheddar         White Cheddar

Monterey Jack            Mozzarella


Spring Hill Jersey Cheese Products: 

Spring Hill Dairy is a certified organic farm found in the hills of Petaluma.  All Spring Hill cheeses come from Larry's small herd of Jersey cows raised in Sonoma County's historic dairy community of Petaluma.  Jersey cows produce the richest, highest butterfat milk, resulting in the best tasting, creamiest cheeses.  This organic line of cheeses includes:

White Cheddar

Jersery Yellow Cheddar

Sage Cheddar

Smoked Yellow Cheddar

Mike's Firehouse Smoked Cheddar

Jersey Monterey Jack

Mike's Firehouse Jack

Garlic Jack

Pesto Jack

Colby Jack

Curds:  Plain, Garlic, Mike's Firehouse

Butter: Salted and Unsalted


Cheeses are available in 8oz, 5lb, and 40lb* blocks.

Curds are available in 8oz or 5lb packages.

Butter is available in 8oz, 1lb, or 40lb* blocks.

* Please note that larger sizes are only available to WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS.

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621 Western Avenue, Petaluma, California | 707-762-3446